All lots in Bacon Crest and Primrose Pointe have been sold to builders. There are no more available from the developer. As of this writing (winter of 2015-16) there are just a few empty lots in the addition. The builders that own these lots have their signs posted. There are usually a few pre-owned homes available in the addition. You may contact the Realtor of your choice for information about living in one of the more desirable, successful neighborhoods in Lubbock! And from me, the developer, thanks to EVERYONE that helped make Baconcrest and Primrose Pointe such a successful project. You may also be interested in my Estates at Vintage and Vintage Township websites that have lots available in south Lubbock near 122nd and Quaker.

Baconcrest and Primrose Pointe

Located along the Milwaukee Corridor between 66th street and 82nd street, Bacon Crest and Primrose Pointe offer you excellent choices for your new home. Bacon Crest has been growing since 2005 and now contains nearly 325 new homes. Bacon Crest has been honored THREE times by the West Texas Homebuilders Association in that it was chosen as a Parade of Home site in 2008, 2010 and again in 2012.  Prices run in the $250,000.00-$ 350,000.00 range and you get A LOT of house for your money in Lubbock, Texas! This development is named for the pioneer Bacon Family that ran cattle on this land from around 1930. Their old family mansion is still located on Broadway near Avenue Q. 

Primrose Pointe is on the west side of Milwaukee adjacent to Frenship ISD’s NEWEST school, Oak Ridge Elementary. Primrose can be entered from Milwaukee Avenue from either 68th or 70th street and features beautiful homes from FIVE of Lubbock’s best known builders – Odyssey Homes, Champion Homes, Ventura Homes, Clear View Custom Homes and Apex Artistries. Homes in Primrose are from around $190,000.00-260,000.00

There are about 540 acres in the total project. When completed, there will be about 700 single-family homes, a number of multi-family dwellings, a city park, and numerous businesses. Many businesses have built or will be building along 82nd street and on Milwaukee. All the popular fast-food restaurants are represented (McDonalds, Burger King, What-a-Burger, Taco Bell, Taco Villa, Double Dave’s, Chick-Fila, Baskin-Robbins, and Der Wienerschnitzel) are within a minute or so and others (Rosas, Cracker Barrel, and Starbucks) are just north across the Marsha Sharp Freeway on Milwaukee. Canyon West Shopping Center (Lubbock’s newest Mall) is also just across the Marsha Sharp Freeway and offers many exciting stores including Target, World Market, Petsmart, and a high-tech entertainment center, Main Event.

Stone Bridge Office Park is growing rapidly and is quickly becoming a southwest Lubbock Medical Center, featuring several dentists offices, Lubbock Urology Clinic, Physical Therapy Today, and even an insurance agency! O'Reilly’s Auto Parts is just west of Stone Bridge, as well as a Mighty Wash Oil Change and a Mighty Wash Car Wash at the west corner of 82nd and Milwaukee. Walgreens is in operation on the northeast corner of 82nd and Milwaukee; Comet Cleaners has been open since 2012 and the Sleep Shop has purchased land north of Walgreens on Milwaukee. Milwaukee opened in the spring of 2006 and ties the entire western part of Lubbock together with a north-south corridor. This project was an innovative concept spearheaded by former Councilman and later Mayor Tom Martin in which the City of Lubbock got ahead of the curve and built this street in advance of the need. Most people familiar with this area feel that Milwaukee has become the route of choice for north-south access.

All seven phases of development are complete and all the lots except for a few are sold. There is a list of lots for the seventh phase, along with the builders that own them listed under Subdivision Drawings. There is just one lot left (as of now) in a luxury large lot area called the "Villas at Bacon Crest". This is one of the most sought after areas of Lubbock because of the Frenship School District and its proximity to 82nd Street, the Marsha Sharp Freeway, and Loop 289.

Frenship ISD’s new Heritage Middle School was completed in the Fall of 2011 at 73rd and Iola.

McMahan may be contacted at 794-0624 or 790-8007.